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About Floormart

Floormart brings a touch of Southern Hospitality alongside a strong work ethic and competitive spirit in our service. Founded in 1991 by John Blake Bulsterbaum, a veteran tradesman with a passion for floors literally since youth, Floormart is among the most reputable flooring companies in all Colorado, run by among the most dedicated members of the industry. Originally from TX, Blake moved to Colorado in '91 with the goal of becoming an industry leader in the Flooring business, opening offices across the metro and becoming well-known in the community of builders.

Our roots in the work mean it is treated as a serious trade--not as "just a job"--and our teams are dedicated to excellence results, with special care and attention to the details that the professionals themselves know to look for. We hold over eighty combined years of historical experience to put it all into context, put out any fires that come-along in the journey, and have things done ASAP for you, leaving incredible workmanship behind.